Creditors Rights and Collections


Collecting money can be a difficult part of doing business. We assist business owners, lenders, and professionals in collecting from the honest customer going through hard times and from the occasional unscrupulous debtor. Our collection experience ranges from handling local small business collections to overseeing nation-wide collection processes.

We begin with firm but professional written and personal demands. We can prepare and file the variety of liens authorized by the Texas Property Code. Where necessary, we file a lawsuit. After judgment we locate assets and use the legal system to compel payment from unwilling debtors. And if bankruptcy occurs, we can assist in all phases of that process.


To us, bankruptcy does not signal the end of the collection process. Our firm has extensive motion, trial, and appellate experience in bankruptcy matters. We assist creditors with filing Proofs of Claims, Motions to Lift Stay, Objections to Exemptions, Adversary Proceedings, Dischargeability Litigation, Fraudulent Transfers and all other bankruptcy and insolvency matters. Our firm works with the client to ensure that its money and efforts are focused on pursuing outcomes that will provide a return.